IMS Gives Back: Our Commitment to Serving Others Through Generosity and Compassion

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Sharing, Compassion and Generosity. All core values at IMS.

There is a greater purpose

No matter how much we may love our job or family, our lives aren’t complete without giving back to others. It is human nature to thrive from serving others; in fact, studies show that the more we give, the happier we feel. As the saying goes “Give and it will be given back”. The incredible rewards of giving towards a greater purpose and helping others are too numerous to list. Especially for those of us who devote ourselves fully to our professional lives, engaging in philanthropic endeavors not only increases our sense of fulfillment and significance, but also helps to decrease stress.

IMS gives back because of you

At IMS giving is not a marketing strategy, it is an act of genuine caring for others and the communities we serve. When giving is sincere it truly can be a world changing act. By using IMS service solutions you become a partner with us in our giving. We commit 10-15% of our profits towards the giving side of our business. With you and because of you we make a difference.

We strive to achieve fulfillment and significance through generosity and compassion

In your role as property manager or owner, there are numerous daily challenges you need to meet. While these mundane tasks require effort and energy, it is important to find a way to maintain a positive attitude and sustainable commitment to our daily work; knowing that our efforts are ultimately serving a higher cause is a constructive path to experiencing an ongoing sense of purpose amid our everyday routines and duties. This is why it helps to connect with other companies with shared values, and hire service partners with similar philosophies. When we surround ourselves with like-minded professional peers, our underlying charitable aims can be achieved on a larger scale. There is no substitute for the trust in knowing that our business relationships are founded upon shared values; this is what enables us to move forward together.

Our values help you reach further

By hiring a facilities maintenance company committed to giving back, you are supporting something larger than everyday property upkeep: you are helping to fuel our service to others in need. With IMS’s devotion to serving others, we strive to remain focused on the underlying purpose of our everyday actions with our determination to positively impact those beyond our immediate community. Our philosophy of serving the community is driven by our core values of servant leadership and generosity. We feel that in order to do our best as humans, we need to contribute as much as possible to our world at large. This is why we are so intentional about serving our customers with excellence; it’s more than just service, it’s about serving and achieving greater purpose results.

Charities we serve and support

At IMS, we give back to a variety of charitable organizations that share our core values. Additionally throughout the year IMS gives back through community projects such as; renovating homes for families in need, passing out blankets for the homeless, collecting socks and basic clothing for the homeless, and delivering food baskets to needy families. Together, we can realize positive change and move forward as communities, locally and globally. Some of the charities that we have given to in the past year include:

  • AIM
  • 3 Strands
  • Courage Worldwide
  • Mercy Ministries
  • K-Love / Air 1 Foundation Radio
  • Volunteers of America
  • American Heart Association
  • Hands of Hope
  • Project Dream
  • Sacramento Life Center
  • World Leaders Group
  • Convoy of Hope
  • William Jessup University

Our commitment to serving you

We are committed to contributing to charity and giving back to our community by serving others and working to improve the lives of everyone around us. It is upon this foundation that our company is built. Increasing community spirit allows our facilities maintenance services to extend far beyond our company’s customer-base and reach a broader scope of people in need. It is our honor to serve our collective neighbors in this way.

IMS is committed to giving back and contributing to our communities at large with our founding values of integrity, generosity and service. We are devoted to serving others through the charities and philanthropic endeavors that we support through our sustainable action and stoic determination. Please contact us today with further questions, or to see how you can contribute too!

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